Woman with nose bone ring

A nose piercing is a fairly common procedure all around the world. From the wilds of Africa to the city streets of the U.S., you’re likely to run into someone with a nose ring. The removal of one of these rings or studs is an easy procedure, but you do need some specific tools and a friend to help. You may even find that it takes more time to remove the nose bone ring than it took to have it pierced.

Soak a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide and press it against the piercing. If you have any infection in the area this will help to sooth it as well as sanitizing the jewelry in your nose.

Cut a small piece out of the ring by using a pair of wire clippers or cutting pliers. It’s better to have a friend do this to make sure you don’t accidentally cut your nose or face. You only need a small space in the ring big enough to slide it out of your nose. If you have a ball or jewelry on your nose ring you can skip this step.

Remove the small decoration or jewel on the nose ring, either by popping it out with a pair of pliers or unscrewing it, depending on the style of nose ring.

Pull the ring apart slightly with the pliers to create a hole large enough for the ring to slip out. You should ask a friend to do this because it can be difficult to see the ring clearly on your own.

Twist the ring slightly so that its end slides out of the hole in your nose. Once the ring is out, it should fall right off. Place another soaked cotton ball on your nose and hold it against your old piercing for several minutes to eliminate any infection caused by the jewelry or tools.


  • If you’re hesitant about removing the nose bone ring yourself or asking a friend to help, you should have the person who pierced your nose originally remove it.