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Magnum Tonic Wine is an alcoholic brew made in Jamaica. It is named after a dance hall and has become a sort of folk remedy on the island. Magnum Tonic Wine is a fermented mead drink that contains vitamins and a purported sexual stimulant. It is known for its intoxicating effects and is said to provide energy and sexual vitality.


Magnum Tonic Wine is manufactured by a company that also promotes a band by the same name. The company sponsors events throughout Jamaica and has come to symbolize the Jamaican dance hall scene. The wine is a title sponsor for Jamaica's first televised dance hall show called "The Magnum Kings & Queens of Dance Hall Competition," which began in 2007. The drink's association with pop culture has branded it as being cool and fashionable.


Magnum Tonic Wine contains 100 percent natural ingredients. It has been marketed as a healthful drink that promotes energy, although it contains alcohol. The composition of Magnum Tonic Wine is a mixture of herbs, mead and tonic. The flavor has been compared to ginseng, but with a syrupy sweetness. A claim to fame of Magnum Tonic Wine is its infusion of vitamins, notably iron and B12.


Magnum Tonic Wine is not only loaded with vitamins, minerals and herbs, but also with alcohol. It is associated with the club scene and drinking to get extremely intoxicated. It contains 17.5 percent alcohol by volume, which is considerably higher than most non-fortified wines and triple the percentage of alcohol in an American beer.

Sexual Vitality

Magnum Tonic Wine is reputed to stimulate sexual feeling. Not only is it associated with the free-swinging club scene, but it also contains Vigorton 2. This is a sexual stimulant that claims to have similar properties to the commercially available prescription medication Viagra.