A small cup of Baji Chiew on a bamboo mat

Baji Chiew tonic is used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is an alcoholic tonic, the main ingredient of which is the Baji herbal root. However, it also contains around 20 other herbs, thought by traditional Chinese physicians to have health inducing properties. It is advisable to use this tonic as a supplement rather than a complete cure for illness as the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine is not subscribed to by modern medicine.

Using Baji Chiew Tonic

Take Baji Chiew for problems with the kidney and lumbar region. Its health properties are beneficial for this area, making it helpful for backache and frequent urination. It is also useful for treating headaches, indigestion, aging and arthritis as well as general muscle soreness.

You can take Baji Chiew tonic as a harmless and possibly helpful solution to more esoteric problems too.

Take the dose advised in the instructions that come with your Baji Chiew tonic. Although it is alcoholic and apparently mellow tasting, avoid the temptation to drink too much of it at once. You will derive the most benefit out of it by taking it at the advised dosage.


  • If you can't find a shop locally that stocks Baji Chiew tonic it is available online.