The Best Ways to Make Homemade Body Wraps

By Ruth O'Neil

Going to the spa is a popular activity. However, it also is expensive, sometimes up to $300 per visit. You can experience part of the spa in your own home with body wraps. Body wraps tighten and hydrate your skin and rid your body of chemicals, and some people claim to lose weight with their use. Make your own body wraps and save money while still enjoying the benefits that body wraps offer.


Research ingredients for your home wrap. There are many ingredients to use, each of which has a different function. Decide what you hope to accomplish using a body wrap, then look for ingredients that will help you meet that goal. Always use organic ingredients: You want to get rid of the chemicals in your body, not add to them.

Some more popular ingredients include seaweed mud, which is used for detoxification and skin tightening; and dry mineral clay, which is used for weight loss. Other ingredients are salt, various oils and fruit extracts. There are other ingredients that are probably in your pantry, such as sugar, honey, cinnamon, oatmeal, milk and lemon juice. Make sure to buy all ingredients from a reputable dealer.

Prepare Yourself

As with any form of treatment, you have to prepare yourself. A healthy diet and plenty of exercise will maximize the results from your body wrap. Exfoliate your skin just prior to performing the body wrap treatment. This opens the pores and allows the ingredients to permeate your skin. You may want to use a pre-wrap lotion as well.

Cover a flat surface with plenty of towels to lie on. Have plenty of towels handy to wrap yourself with, and a blanket with which to cover yourself. If you are using your bed to lie on, first cover it with something plastic like a shower curtain to protect the mattress from getting wet.

Use regular cotton towels for the wraps. Demote some of your bath towels to body wrap towels. They are thinner than new ones and it won't matter if the ingredients stain. Have different-size towels available for the different parts of your body. Make sure a towel can wrap completely around the area of your body you are treating.

Set the Tone

Part of the spa experience is that you feel relaxed upon leaving. Set the mood in the room that you are using for your homemade body wrap. Play soft, relaxing music in the background. Turn off the lights and light candles. Put a vase of fresh flowers in the room.


Heat a large pot of water and add all the ingredients for your wrap recipe. Soak the towels in the mixture. Wrap the part(s) of your body that you choose. Leave the wraps on for one hour. Remove them and take a warm shower to help remove more toxins. Finally, turn down the hot water for a cool shower to close the pores of your skin.

Keep Going

As with many things in life, using body wraps is something you need to continue to see results. Use a body wrap once or twice a week. Get together with a friend and help wrap each other if necessary.