By Brenda Priddy

A clean scalp is important for healthy hair. The first step, of course, is regular shampooing. If that's not enough to thoroughly cleanse your scalp, here are the best remedies.

Woman washing her hair
credit: esp2k/iStock/GettyImages
The Best Ways to Clean Your Scalp

Aloe Vera

Many people feel that using shampoo is not the best way to keep a scalp clean. The chemicals in conventional shampoos, including sulfates and fragrance, are worrying. Aloe vera is a great alternative. The soothing gel keeps hair hydrated and the scalp clean and free of common scalp issues.


Massaging your scalp can improve circulation. This should always be done with the pads of the fingers and not the nails. Scratching may aggravate problems under the skin and also increase oil production, which makes the scalp dirtier.

Antifungal Treatment

If you have issues like dandruff, flaking, dry scalp, oily scalp, scalp acne or even scalp wounds, a special treatment may be needed to keep your scalp clean. See a dermatologist to find out if an antifungal treatment may be in order.