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Panasonic EH2511A

The Panasonic EH2511A Pore Cleanser with Micro-fine Mist was recommended by most users in an survey, with few exceptions. This product, retailing for about $30, uses a reversible suction cup to clear debris from the pores to eliminate blackheads. A mist sprayer is also attached to the device that keeps the skin moist by spraying a pore cleaner on the skin to help maintain better suction. This feature is unique to this model, but it may be no better than manually wetting and washing your face before using another model. The device is rechargeable, safe to use in wet or dry conditions and can be submerged in water.

Stonefield Blackhead Vacuum Extractor

While many rechargeable models look and operate much like the Panasonic EH2511A, the Stonefield Blackhead Extractor looks more like something you'd see in the doctor's office. This blackhead extractor creates a vacuum manually and looks like a giant syringe. To operate the device, choose one of three sizes of extractor tips depending on the size of the blackhead or pimple to be treated and press in the plunger of the syringe until it clicks into place. Put the tip over the desired blackhead or pimple and hold the outside of the device chamber and press it against your skin. This pressure releases a spring-loaded vacuum to pull the debris out of the pore instantly.

Prep And Prevention

Before using any vacuum blackhead remover, it's recommended that you take a hot shower or steam your face. The heat and moisture will open the pores, making it easier to extract the blackheads. To prevent future outbreaks, use skin pore cleansers and wash your face regularly with warm water and antibacterial facial soap.