Clogged Lip Pores

By Megan Smith

Clogged pores occur as a result of makeup, sweat or dirt getting caught underneath the skin. Clogged pores are also often called "blackheads." Clogged pores can occur in the tender areas around the mouth as a result of frequently wearing lipstick or lip gloss. Avoid picking or squeezing these pores with your bare hands, as the skin around your lips is very delicate and can bruise or bleed easily.

Remove Clogged Lip Pores

Gentle Extraction by Hand

To get rid of clogged pores around the lip and mouth area, very gentle pressure is required. Unlike the skin on the nose or cheeks, the skin around the mouth is very thin and should be treated carefully. Place one piece of clean tissue over both index fingers to make a small glove over each finger. This will protect the skin from the fingernails and prevent putting any uneven pressure on the area. Gently press the afflicted area into a gentle pinch, with the skin underneath the afflicted area raised in the air. Gently massage with your index fingers on either side of the afflicted area until all dirt and oil is removed from the clogged pore. Wipe the dirt and oil away with a warm washcloth and oil-free facial cleanser, which you can purchase at your local drugstore or grocery store.

Blackhead Extractor

Blackhead extractors are available at drugstores and beauty supply stores. Rather than using your fingers, which can create uneven pressure and cause bruising, a blackhead extractor provides a quick, even suction that removes dirt and oil from clogged pores. This product works especially well in sensitive areas around the lips and mouth.

To use the extractor, sterilize it with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, then enlarge your pores with a warm, damp washcloth directly against the afflicted area for several minutes. Place the ring of the extractor directly around the clogged pore, then press the apparatus gently. The dirt and oil will be forced out of the pore and should we wiped away with a washcloth and some oil-free facial cleanser.

Exfoliating Treatments

Exfoliating the skin around the clogged lip pores is the most gentle way to avoid blackheads and can be used in conjunction with extraction treatments. For clogged pores, exfoliate the skin three times per week with a store-bought facial exfoliant, or a homemade exfoliant. You can make your own exfoliating treatment by combining one part vitamin E oil with one part coarse kosher salt or sea salt. Combine the mixture thoroughly and store in a clean plastic container. To exfoliate, wet your face and apply a generous amount of the exfoliation mixture to your face. Gently rub the exfoliant into your skin with your fingertips, working in a circular motion and paying specific attention to the clogged pores around your lips. When the salt has dissolved, rinse your face thoroughly with warm water, then wash your face with an oil-free facial cleanser.