People with red hands are those who typically have cool skin tones. Cool-toned skin is ruddy, with red or pink undertones. When choosing the best nail color, it is important to take into account what colors work best for red hands. Otherwise, you could end up using nail polish that does not enhance your natural skin color.



Red is a nail polish color that is both classic and timeless. Anyone can wear red nail polish. The key is to find the shade of red that matches your skin. The best nail color for red hands and ruddy skin is a lighter red with an orange base. Avoid blue-red nail polish as it accentuates the redness in the skin.


Purple nail polish is modern and stylish. If this is your pick, it is quite flattering for red hands. All shades of purple, from light to lilac to royal purple, work for red skin tones. Purple somehow neutralizes the ruddy skin color and also draws attention to your hands.


Pink nail polish comes in an almost unlimited variety of shades. While pink can be perfect for red hands, the wrong tones cry out "mismatch." One of the best to consider is sheer pink with just a touch of white. This creamy hue is almost a nude color. Rosy pink polish also works well with ruddy skin tones.


Blue nail polish is not for the fainthearted. If you are quite young and enjoy this look, or are creative in general and like a colorful style, blue nail polish can look great for red hands. Just about any shade of blue will work, from pale to icy blue to navy. Experiment with them all.