Hand with painted fingernails
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You may not think of it as an accessory, but nail polish is an ideal way to finish off an outfit and give you a complete, put together look. It also allows for plenty of creativity because it's available in countless shades that work for any occasion and flatter every skin tone. However, when you have large hands, you may be reluctant to experiment with polish shades. The trick when choosing nail polish for bigger hands is finding a shade that de-emphasizes their size or helps them look smaller -- and plenty of options fit the bill.

Fleshy Pinks

When you have large hands, choosing a light nail polish that doesn't call attention to them is often your best option. However, you don't want to choose a nude polish that's too close in color to your skin tone or you'll wind up making your fingers look longer -- so your hands appear even larger. Instead, choose a light pink that's a shade or two darker than your skin tone. It'll give your fingers an elegant, polished look that doesn't elongate or call too much attention to them so you can downplay the size of your hands.

Dark Neutrals

Just as dark clothing shades can make you look trimmer, using dark nail polish on your fingers can help make large hands appear smaller. Dark neutral shades are an ideal option because they coordinate with any clothing colors and aren't too flashy. While black polish can sometimes seem goth-inspired, it can actually give your hands a stylish, sophisticated look. If you prefer a softer option, try a dark gray or taupe polish to help make your hands look more petite.

Dark Reds

A bright fire engine red isn't the best option when you have larger hands because it only draws attention to their size. However, just because you have big hands doesn't mean you can't wear red polish – the trick is choosing darker shades. A deep cranberry polish is ideal for the fall, while a rich burgundy shade is an attractive option for the winter. In spring and summer, go with a dark red that has some brightness to it like a berry red or deep red-orange. To find the most flattering red polish for your nails, consider your skin tone. If you have cool undertones, look for deep, blue-based reds like wine. For skin with warm undertones, opt for dark, orange-based reds like brick.

Dark Purples

Pale purple nail polish shades like lilac or lavender may not be the most flattering option for larger hands since the light shades contrast with skin and highlight the size of hands. Dark purple polish, though, can make fingers look shorter so your hands have a smaller appearance. Try a plum polish if you have cool undertones in your skin or a rich aubergine if you have warm undertones. If you have dark skin with cool undertones, a royal purple is an attractive polish option; for dark skin with warm undertones, try a deep red-violet shade.