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The 10 best ways to lose your voice range from screaming raucously to downing several ice-cold beverages rapidly. While most techniques require one or two household supplies, some can be done without materials and are best practiced in a loud place or at home. Although you may decide it’s a fair price for a free pass to miss an upcoming family reunion or maddening office meeting, it’s important to remember that losing your voice causes damage to your vocal cords and it should be done sparingly.

Scream Into a Pillow

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Screaming raucously in the longest intervals possible can cause you to lose your voice if repeated for over 30 minutes to an hour. This method causes serious strain on your throat and can also cause it to feel irritated for up to 24 hours. If your voice returns slightly after a few hours, you can repeat the method in shorter intervals until it has gone again.

Acidic Beverages

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According to Made Man, acidic beverages, such as a vinegar and lemon concoction, can cause acid reflux and aggravate the vocal cords if consumed while straining the voice. This technique calls for consuming the acidic beverage followed by lying down so that your head hangs lower than your belly, inducing acid reflux, and screaming loudly for several minutes.

Strained Singing

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Cycling singing in a loud voice and then in a strained whisper for more than 20 minutes causes voice stress and loss. To maintain the loss of your voice, repeat this technique as often as you can at five- to 10-minute intervals.

Sleep With Your Mouth Open

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Although sleeping with your mouth open can feel awkward, it dries out the vocal cords and causes voice loss. To maintain the effect from this approach, limit the amount of liquids you consume throughout the day.

Cold Pack Around the Neck

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Placing a freezing cold pack around your neck for a couple of hours can cause your vocal cords to constrict and lose function. Excessive talking or singing can help quicken and sustain the loss of your voice.

Cold Foods

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Consuming cold foods and frozen beverages consistently over a 24-hour period also causes your vocal cords to constrict and become strained. Losing your voice by consuming cold foods requires a lot of repetition and additional maintenance, such as harsh screaming or sleeping with your mouth open to dry out your vocal cords.

Cheering Loudly at a Sporting Event

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Attending a sporting event and cheering rowdily is a fun, fast and easy way to lose your voice. Voice loss can last for a couple of days, depending on the amount of strain you place on your vocal cords.

Cough Hard

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Repeatedly coughing hard and long can stress the vocal cords and eventually cause you to lose your voice. This technique can be intensified by refraining from liquid consumption.

Repeatedly Chugging Cold Beverages

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Repeatedly chugging cold beverages over 24 hours causes the vocal cords to constrict and lose function. This method can be paired with a cold pack around the neck to intensify the effect.

Clearing Your Throat Harshly and Repeatedly

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Clearing your throat harshly and repeatedly can cause serious vocal cord irritation and voice loss. Your throat can feel uncomfortably scratchy using this method. Yelling loudly and excessively can increase the effect of this technique.