foods that help with postnasal drip

Caused by the accumulation of mucus in the back of the throat, post nasal drip can make life pretty miserable. On top of making it difficult to breathe and swallow, post nasal drip can also give you a sore throat, cause you to cough and clear your throat excessively, and become very hoarse. Alleviate these symptoms with several foods and beverages that can help soothe the throat and clear some of the excess mucus blockages.

Non-Alcholic, Uncaffeinated Beverages

If you are experiencing post nasal drip, staying hydrated is critical; not only will drinking the proper fluids help soothe a sore throat,it should help to clear away a lot of the mucus buildup. There are many beverages that you can drink, but there are also several that to avoid. For instance, limit your alcohol consumption while experiencing symptoms of post nasal drip. Also avoid caffeinated beverages like coffee and soda pop, as well as dairy-based drinks like milk. These, too, can aggravate post nasal drip symptoms. Instead, stick to drinking plenty of cold water and juice, as well as hot tea, to soothe your throat.

Mild, Clear Broth Soups

Soup is a soothing, comforting meal option when you are experiencing post nasal drip symptoms like sore throat and difficulty swallowing. While you can make a homemade variety for an extra special treat, you can also consume conveniently prepackaged soups if you're on the go. Not all soups are created equal, however, when it comes to alleviating the symptoms of post nasal drip. Avoid spicy soups as these can increase mucus production, andstay away from very creamy and chunky soups, especially if you've difficulty swallowing. Instead, stick to mild, clear broth-based soups like the classic chicken noodle.

Cold, Non-Dairy Treats

Treat yourself to a chilly remedy for post nasal drip symptoms. This doesn't mean you should go out and order a banana split or an ice cream sandwich; as with other food and drink varieties, you'll want to avoid items that contain a lot of dairy like decadent milk chocolate or ice cream-based treats. Instead, try sucking on a fruit-based popsicle variety to soothe your sore throat. If you feel like you can't make it without an ice cream sundae while you battle your post nasal drip symptoms, try sherbet in place of ice cream, and a fruit compote in place of heavy sauces.

Vitamins, Minerals and Lozenges

Apart from taking in foods and beverages, consume other edibles like vitamins, minerals and lozenges to help speed up your recovery. Sucking on an over-the-counter cough drop or a piece of hard candy can help increase saliva production and in turn help clear mucus and soothe your throat, so keep some lozenge varieties like these. Consuming vitamins and minerals can help make you feel better while helping to prevent your symptoms from turning into anything more serious. Take recommended dosages of items like vitamins A and C, as well as zinc and iron.