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While bloating can be a symptom of more severe illnesses, more common causes of stomach bloating are food intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome, menstruation or flatulence. Stomach bloating can be extremely uncomfortable and symptoms like nausea, stomach pain and cramps are often associated with bloating. Various home remedies help relieve a bloated stomach and the symptoms that come along with it.


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Fennel tea is a mild tea that can be consumed after meals if bloating occurs. The tea helps relieve gas as well as the bloating, which can help relieve and cramps or stomach pain. According to digherbs.com, peppermint tea will provide fast relief from trapped gas, bloating and cramps. It can only be drunk as tea, but it can be taken as a tablet or put in water and sipped from a glass.


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Light exercise, like walking, can help relieve trapped gas. If the bloated stomach results from gas being trapped, the only way to relieve the pains is to release the gas. Moving around and simply going for a short walk can help relieve any pain associated with a bloated stomach. In addition to gas, walking can also relieve a bloated stomach caused by a menstrual cycle.

Adjust Diet

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Fatty foods can be hard for the body to digest and often result in a bloated stomach. To relieve a bloated stomach, try to keep fatty foods to a minimum. According to Flat-Stomach-Exercises.com, not drinking enough water can also cause bloating. A person should be consuming 8 cups of water per day; if her water intake is less than that, it can result in stomach bloating. Dairy products are often the culprit for bloating, so try eliminating dairy for a few days to see if the symptoms go way.

Swallowing Air

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Another common cause for a bloated stomach is swallowing too much air. While some people swallow air from nervous habit, one can greatly eliminate the amount of air swallowed by making a few lifestyle changes. Stop drinking from a straw. As a person sucks the drink up the straw, he is also swallowing air. Also, eliminating habits like chewing gum or eating hard candy will reduce the amount of air inadvertently swallowed