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Bloating in the summertime does not make putting on that teeny bikini any less intimidating. Bloating can be caused by heat, dehydration or poor eating--such as indulging while on a summer vacation. Getting rid of that bloat can get you back to feeling confident in the hot summertime months and push you a little closer to donning your favorite bathing suit for the season.

Staying hydrated is key in eliminating and preventing bloat. According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, your body requires more water when the weather is hot. Drink at least 10 glasses of water a day, and if you plan to be out in the heat, have water with you.

Eat foods with a high water content. Examples include fruits like watermelon, apples, grapes and tomatoes; green veggies like spinach, celery and lettuce; or low-sodium, broth-based soups.

Do not drink carbonated drinks, alcoholic beverages or those with caffeine. All of these can not only dehydrate, which causes bloat, but also create gas in your digestive tract, which will add to abdominal bloating. Stick with water when combating summertime bloat.

Refrain from eating foods with a high salt or fat content, for example, greasy fast food, highly processed foods like potato chips or microwave meals, and fatty meats and dairy products. All of these are difficult for your digestive system to process, leading to bloat. These foods' salt content will also cause your body to hang on to excess water weight.

Take a natural anti-bloat gas relief supplement when bloating symptoms occur. This will help get rid of bloat faster. If you want to indulge in foods that make you feel bloated, take this when you eat them to prevent bloating as well.