By Hallie Engel

Creating the perfect updo is one thing -- keeping it in place is another. If you're out of bobby pins, plenty of things can act as substitutes. Firm-hold hairspray is fine for keeping a few loose strands in place; tuck it in your bag for touch-ups as needed. Small combs or barrettes can be used instead of bobby pins to secure the sides of an updo or to hold back sections of hair.

Fancy Do
credit: Michelle Milliman/iStock/Getty Images
Use a decorative comb instead of bobby pins to glam up your do.

Scarves, Bands and Clips

A scarf or headband makes a colorful alternative to bobby pins, and adds a playful accent to your outfit. A hair elastic makes it easy to create the perfect ponytail and keeps your hair out of your face, while a big butterfly clip can be used to secure a simple twist. Miniature butterfly clips are also ideal for keeping small sections of hair in place in lieu of bobby pins.