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Originating from the Philippines, the Silka Papaya Bar Soap is a whitening herbal soap intended for everyday use. Enriched with Papaya Enzymes and vitamin E, this soap helps improve the appearance of skin, making it softer and smoother. The Silka Papaya Soap has won the 2005 Consumer's Choice Annual Awards for Most Outstanding Papaya Soap Brand, according to its manufacturer's website.


Silka Papaya is a soap that gently whitens skin due to one of its main ingredients, papaya enzymes. The vitamin E it contains helps soften skin and make it look younger. The soap features a fruity fragrance and comes in the form of an orange colored round bar of soap.


When used regularly, Papaya Silka soap can help improve the condition of skin by making it lighter and smoother. It cleanses and nourishes skin by removing dead skin cells for a clearer complexion. It also helps improve softness and resiliency of skin. As a result, skin looks better and younger. The soaps manufacturer states it's "a natural and effective way to cleanse and whiten your skin."

Where to Buy

Silka Papaya products can be bought in the Philippines as well as through manufacturers of Philippine products online. A bar of Silka Papaya costs around $3.99. The Silka Papaya line also features a whitening lotion, moisturizing lotion as well as soap and lotion made with green papaya.