Handmade soaps

Castile soap, a very popular household item, uses olive oil grown in the Castile region of Spain as its key ingredient. Castile soap has been used for centuries as a gentile and affective cleaning agent. Castile soap has many alternatives; these alternatives use products such as goat's milk and various vegetable oils to craft quality soaps.

Goat's Milk

Goat's milk soap is a popular alternative to Castile soap. Goat's milk soaps substitute olive oil with the healing, nutritive milk of goats. Often, makers of goat's milk soaps will infuse various herbs, spices or fragrances; goat's milk soaps can be found with honey, cinnamon, mint, sage and many more fragrant options. Goat's milk has been used for centuries and by several civilizations for cosmetic purposes; the milk's lactic acid helps exfoliate the skin, Vitamins A and D provide softness and nutrients, and the high fat content of the milk further softens and repairs the skin.


Philippine people are often praised for their beautiful skin, despite the fact they are exposed to extreme amounts of sun, wind and heat damage. Nearly all of the Philippine's beauty products contain coconut oil, including soap. Coconut oil soap is becoming increasingly popular in the United States for personal and domestic uses, making it a viable alternative to Castile soap. Coconut oil soap is safe to use for cleaning vegetables, washing or shaving your body and face and keeping your pets clean without drying their skin.


Canola oil is one of North America's most available oils. Canola oil moisturizes skin and is as safe to use as olive oil. Depending on skin type, canola oil has been found to relieve irritation of the skin. Soap made from canola oil can be used for the same purposes as Castile soap. Canola soap can also be made at home. See the link in Resources to see how you can make your own canola soap.


Aleppo soap is an ancient form of soap with similar properties to Castile soap. Aleppo soap is derived from olive oil and laurel oil. Originating from Aleppo, Syria, this soap is an important body and domestic cleaning agent used throughout the Middle East. Laurel oil, a high quality oil derived from Laurus nobilis leaves, is used for its supposed qualities as an antioxidant and antiseptic. Aleppo soap is found abundantly online. See the link in Resources for an online provider.