Side Effects Of Natural Calm

Natural Calm is a magnesium powder supplement. It is 100-percent natural and is water soluble. It is used to help people deal with deficiencies in magnesium. There are a lot of negative results that people experience as a result of insufficient magnesium, including depression, asthma, exhaustion, diabetes, anxiety, muscle stiffness, body tension and others. Before taking any type of supplement, it is important to be aware of any possible side effects that might be associated with it.

Gastric Side Effects

People who take too much Natural Calm might experience the side effect of diarrhea. When too much Natural Calm is taken, the body works to flush it out, which might result in mild gastric discomfort. Too much magnesium intake can occur from amounts as low as between 300 and 500 milligrams daily. This is known to be the most common Natural Calm side effect, although the majority of users do not experience it.

Drug Interactions

There are several medications that might react negatively when taken alongside Natural Calm (and other drugs that consist of magnesium). Some of these medications include Digoxin, Albuterol, Quinidine, Gentamacin, Famotidine, Warfarin, Triamterene, Spironolactone, Sotalol, Minocycline, Neomycin, Ofloxacin and various others.

No Side Effects

Natural Calm is manufactured by a Burbank, California-based company called Natural Vitality Products. Natural Calm was created by Peter Gillham. They state that Natural Calm does not produce any side effects, and can be taken completely safely on its own.

Muscle Ache

One less common side effect that some people have reported experiencing as a result of taking Natural Calm is muscle aching. People have reported dull, persistent muscle aches particularly in the legs. The aches generally stop once they stop taking Natural Calm.


Natural Calm, as the name would indicate, also is a good supplement for dealing with stress and helping people relax and unwind. However, one result of that relaxation is that it also causes people to experience drowsiness and fatigue at times. This is another lesser known side effect of Natural Calm.