How to Treat Leg Weakness With Natural Medicine. Leg weakness can be caused by many things, such as lack of exercise, recovery after surgery, side effects of prescription medicines, diabetes and back pain. It can have a cyclical affect, as it is difficult to exercise and strengthen weak muscles. Therefore, it is important to establish a natural home treatment that works for you, to prevent further deterioration of muscle tissue.

Drink 12 oz. of fresh carrot juice daily to improve blood circulation in the legs. Weakness and stiffness are often caused by lack of proper circulation, so carrot juice can be effective in improving blood circulation in the legs.

Get plenty of healthy protein to reduce weakness in the legs. Healthy forms of protein include eggs, yogurt and nuts. Particular vitamins and minerals your nervous system needs for muscle function include Vitamin E, amino acids, B vitamins, calcium and magnesium, all available through a diet that includes a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Take daily supplements of Lysine and Coenzyme Q10. Lysine is a naturally occurring essential amino acid that the body needs to build strong bones, cartilage and connective tissue. Fatigue, muscle weakness and irritability are among the list of symptoms of lysine deficiency. Coenzyme Q10 helps the body absorb essential vitamins and minerals, particularly calcium.

Make a tea from horsetail, a natural medicine that has high levels of silica, and drink it thee times a day. Silica can increase muscle strength by assisting muscles to contract. To prepare, boil 1 cup of water and remove from heat before adding 1 tsp. fresh horsetail. Allow the tea to steep for at least 5 minutes before straining and drinking.

Exercise regularly to maintain health and muscle tone. Even gentle exercise such as walking, swimming, yoga, Tai Chi or Pilates is a great place to begin building the strength in your legs.


If you have noticed leg weakness as a side effect of a prescription medicine, speak to your doctor about an alternative as soon as possible.


Leg weakness can have many causes and may be a symptom of a larger problem. If your symptoms persist longer than 2 weeks without known cause, seek medical attention.