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Torn ligaments are sprains that are injuries to the joint capsule or the bands of thick tissue that connects your bones together at the knee, the elbow, the wrist, fingers and ankles. The most common ligaments that are torn are in your fingers, ankles and knees, but you can tear any of the ligaments in your body. Torn ligaments may cause pain for several days or weeks, and you may experience inflammation, swelling, bruising and joint/bodily stability issues. Extreme injuries to the ligaments may require surgical reparation, but there are home remedies that work in treating some torn ligaments.


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Ice is a super-fast treatment for torn ligaments. Working as a natural anesthetic, ice can reduce the amount of swelling, internal bleeding and inflammation. Hold the ice on the sore area for a period of 15 minutes on the site and 15 minutes off. Do this throughout the day for two days as needed to keep your pain under control.

Activity Reduction, Joint Stabilization and Injury Elevation

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Limit your physical activity, especially activities concerning the use of the areas where the torn ligament is located. Wrapping the joint with a gauze bandage where the torn ligament is located for the purposes of compression will also help you give the sore area more stability until it heals. Using a gauze bandage further helps to limit the amount of pressure on the torn ligament and keeps you from moving it too much. Finally, elevating the torn ligament to a level situated above your heart helps to reduce the amount of inflammation associated with the injury.

Nutritional Supplementation

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Getting adequate supplements helps to heal your body from the inside out. Consume supplements with anti-inflammatory properties like bromelain. Bromelain can be consumed at a dosage of 500 mg 4 times a day until pain and inflammation symptoms subside. Take the supplement on an empty stomach to ensure proper digestion. Additionally, a zinc supplement daily will improve the speed in which your injury heals; consume 15 to 30 mg zinc each day to intensify your body’s ability to heal.


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Horsetail is an herbal remedy that has numerous healthy ingredients including manganese, potassium and silicon. The silicon in horsetail helps to improve the condition of ligaments and connective tissues. This remedy can be used as a tincture; put 10 drops in 1 cup water and consume the concoction six times a day until your symptoms subside. Drink horsetail as a tea; use 2 tsp. in hot water, brewed for 15 minutes. The remedy can be consumed at a dosage of 4 cups daily.


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If you take bromelian supplements, you can also consume turmeric to intensify its effect. Take 500 mg turmeric each day to diminish inflammation and torn ligament swelling. Consume the herb three times a day between your meals.

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