Natural Calm is a supplement developed through Peter Gillham’s Natural Vitality line of products. Natural Calm contains both calcium and magnesium in order to provide the user with a natural stress reliever. Natural Calm is also purported to keep the heart healthy. The supplement is available as concentrate and should be consumed after blending with water. If you are considering Natural Calm as a supplement, you should evaluate the product’s side effects.


The most common reported side effect of Natural Calm is stomach upset and diarrhea. You have an increased risk of experiencing this side effect if you consume more than the recommended daily amount of magnesium. Adults are recommended to have no more than 300 to 400 mg a day of magnesium. A full three-teaspoon dose of Natural Calm contains 615 mg.

Low Blood Pressure

According to the University of Maryland, too much magnesium can cause a person to experience very low blood pressure. Due to this dip in blood pressure from ingesting too much Natural Calm, you may feel dizzy and lightheaded. Nausea can also be a result of the low blood pressure.

Reduced Heart Rate

Another potential side effect of Natural Calm is a slowed heart rate. This is also caused by the magnesium in the supplement. You may also feel fatigued when taking the supplement since it is intended to provide a calming feeling.

Drug Interactions

Natural Calm can interact with several medications due to the amount of magnesium found in the supplement. Avoid Natural Calm if you are taking antibiotics since it can interfere with absorption of the drug. It may also interfere with drugs prescribed to treat osteoporosis. Magnesium may also increase the chances of experiencing concurrent negative side effects from blood pressure drugs and calcium channel blockers. These side effects include nausea, fluid retention and lightheadedness.