Short & Spiked Women's Hairstyles

By Emilia Lamberto

Short hairstyles are extremely versatile. Many people have the misconception that short hair won't look good on them. Fortunately, different textures and styles can be cut and textured according to different face shapes so short, spiky hairstyles are great for anyone. The hairstyles show a unique individual style and draw more attention upwards to the face.

Short spiky hairstyles for women are extremely versatile and funky.

Celebrities and Short Spiky Hairstyles

There are many celebrities who sport the short spiky hairstyle. Ellen DeGeneres has been known to wear her hair short with textured spiky ends. Annette Bening has been spotted with a short, spiky and funky cut. Gladys Knight, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kate Gosselin, Halle Berry and Jane Fonda have, too, been known to flaunt their short spiky looks.

Achieving a Short Spiky Hairstyle

When going to the salon, tell your stylist that you want a short cut. Ask for very short layers, only about 2 inches long, all throughout your hair. Ask the stylist to use the razor to add texture to the ends.The length should be equal throughout your tresses. Be sure to ask your stylist to use the electric razor along your neck, as your neck will be exposed with such a short cut. Use mousse or hair gel to tease your hair with your fingers or a comb in order to add texture and spikiness to the cut. Spray with hairspray to finish.

Different Hair Types & Short Spiky Cuts

Curly hair can be used to your advantage with a short spiky cut. Pomade and gel can accentuate curls while adding spikiness to the ends to achieve a short spiky hairstyle. The curls also add great texture to the hair. Straight hair can be lifted by lifting your head upside down and teasing your hair, then flipping it upright and teasing it again. Volumizers can be added to enhance the lift. If you have bangs, pin them back or to the side when wearing a short spiky hairstyle. Applying gel will also lighten up the bangs and allow them to lay gently on your forehead.

Advantages of Short Spiky Hairstyles

Short spiky hairstyles seem to represent a funkiness and the cut is very versatile. Short spikes can be worn with a flower behind the ear, barrettes, clips and even in a very short ponytail with a teased, spiky textured look on top of the head. Short spiky hairstyles are great for all hair types, from thick to thin, stick straight to coarse and curly, the hairstyle fits anyone.

Disadvantages of Short Spiky Hairstyles

Short spiky hairstyles may not be for everyone. Because the hair is so short, it cannot be curled. Curls can only be accentuated given that the hair was already curly. Also, short hairstyles leave the neck exposed and although you can remove the hair with an electric razor, it will grow back, so you'll have to cut it often. Short spiky hairstyles also require a lot of products in order to achieve the desired result. Too many products can have negative effects on the hair.