Removing Wrinkles From a Satin Ribbon

By Mark Slingo

Satin is easy to damage if not handled correctly. To remove wrinkles in a satin ribbon, use a basic household. Iron the ribbon on the dull side to avoid tainting the shiny side and ruining the material.

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Step 1

Lay the satin ribbon out, reverse side up on an ironing board. Remove all folds in the satin.

Step 2

Place a cloth on top of the satin ribbon to prevent the iron from touching the satin directly.

Step 3

Set your iron to the lowest temperature to avoid burning the satin when you apply the iron.

Step 4

Iron the ribbon in one direction from one end to the other. Do not apply sprayed water to the satin as this can stain it. Use swift movements when ironing to flatten out the wrinkles in the ribbon.