Aloe vera plant

Tanning beds are a quick way to achieve a desired tan in less than 20 minutes a session. At some point, however, many people will experience a burn from the tanning bed. These burns may be red and painful. The burns shouldn't last too long, but there is relief in the meantime.


The cause of the tanning bed burn may be one of two things. Either the user of the bed did not use adequate protection against the ultraviolet radiation, or there was an overexposure of UV rays, perhaps by tanning for too long of time. The resulting burn makes the skin very tender and pain may accompany it.


It is best to take a cool shower to soothe burning skin. After the shower, apply aloe vera to the area to get relief from the burn. Either use an aloe vera gel, aloe vera juice or a lotion containing aloe vera. Any of these will soothe the skin. Aloe is important, because it contains aloectin B that is proven to stimulate the immune system. Also, drinks lots of fluids and take ibuprofen for more relief.

More Remedies

Vitamin C, an antioxidant, is another way to quickly help sunburned skin heal, so it is important to increase intake. Baking soda baths are also a popular remedy. Add 1/2 cup of baking soda to a cool bath for relief. Vitamin E will also shorten the effects of sunburn. Vitamin E can heal sunburn damage in the form of oil, ointments or cream. It is important to avoid using petroleum jelly on the burn. The jelly holds in heat and will not help the burn heal.


To prevent this painful tanning bed burn from happening again, it is imperative to purchase a tanning lotion from the tanning bed. These tanning lotions raise the skin's melanin-generating system. They also contain moisturizers to soften and protect the skin.


It is important to consider any medication taken before tanning. Many medications will make you more sensitive to the UV rays. Tanning should be avoided when taking certain medications. Also, do not stay in the tanning bed for a prolonged period of time. Limit tanning time to no more than 20 minutes or 15 minutes for lighter skin tones.


The burn should begin to feel better after taking the proper steps for relief. Treating the burn immediately will help reduce damage to the skin. It is important to remember that sunburns increase the risk for skin cancer, so exposure should be limited.