Glass of water

PUR pitchers rely on a filter to clean the water and make it suitable to drink. The filter will not last forever, though, so you will need to refill or replace the filter after a certain period of time. The PUR pitcher indicates the life of the filter with a LED light located on the lid. When the light is green, the filter is working. If the light turns yellow, you will need to replace the filter soon. When the light has turned red, you must change the filter immediately because it no longer works.

Remove the lid from the PUR Water Pitcher.

Pull the old filter and pour tray from the pitcher.

Place the new filter into the pitcher and soak it in cold water for 15 minutes. Make sure the entire filter is covered in water.

Remove the new filter from the pitcher and set it aside on a paper towel.

Wash the pitcher, pull tray and lid with warm water and soap.

Hold the new filter under the faucet and flush it with cold water for 10 seconds.

Place the pour tray back in the pitcher.

Stick the new filter into the opening in the middle of the pour tray. Only the top of the filter should remain above the bottom of the pour tray. Twist the filter to lock into place.

Pour cold water into the pour tray within the pitcher. The cold water will go through the pour tray into the top of the filter until it reaches the reservoir in the bottom of the pitcher. Place the lid back on the pitcher. The water is now ready to drink.

Hold down the filter button located on the pitcher lid for five seconds. This will reset the filter.