Body wraps are offered at many spas as a way to cleanse your body inside and out. Body wraps have several benefits and drawbacks, so it is always best to know what you are walking into before committing to the wrap. If you are thinking about a body wrap, consider the pros and cons first.


The greatest thing about body wraps is that they are easy to do. After the cloth wrap is applied, you typically will lie in the wrap between one hour to an hour and a half. Your spa may suggest movement or additional clothing to help you sweat even more. Otherwise, all you need to do is lie there tightly wrapped in natural herbs and minerals and wait until the session ends.

Health Benefits

Several health benefits come with a body wrap treatment. Not only do the wraps remove excess water from your body and reduce water weight, but they help eliminate toxins. With just the right combination of herbs, essential oils, and mud or aloe vera, your body will naturally detoxify itself through your skin's pores. Also, your skin will begin to look and feel smoother, softer and tighter. Body wraps are a good stress reliever and can help lower your blood pressure.

Weight Loss

Many people have begun to see the benefits of weight loss through the use of body wraps. Toxins from smoking, drinking or just the environment help your body retain water, give you blotchy skin and poor circulation, and can cause you to hold onto fat. The wrap naturally removes the toxins that cause your additional weight gain. Because of the water weight and toxins being removed from your body, you may see that after you are "unwrapped," you have already lost a few pounds.

Multiple Treatments

Since the body wrap is not a one-time miracle, you will most likely need to have it done several times. After your first wrap, you should see improvements in your skin, as well as your overall health. To keep up with the weight loss or other health benefits, you will need several treatments, to flush your system on a regular basis.


Body wraps are not inexpensive, so the cost is a big con, especially since multiple treatments are recommended. Depending on the location where you receive the treatment, it may cost you $70 each time, but it is likely to be more. Ask about offers for multiple wraps. The rates may be lowered if they know you are signing on for a few wraps and not just one.