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Each decade puts its own stamp in the fashion world. The 1990s were known for blinged-out clothing and accessories and attention-grabbing hair. Though some hairstyles, such as "The Rachel," made their first appearance in the '90s, most hairstyles of the era were adapted from those of prior decades.

The Rachel

You can thank Jennifer Anniston, who played Rachel Greene on "Friends," for bringing "The Rachel" into existence. In 1994, when Greene showed off her do to millions of NBC viewers, she built a loyal following who went wild for the haircut. Stylists across the country were bombarded with requests for "The Rachel." The '90's are long gone, but "The Rachel" lives on. To get the look, ask your hairstylist for short layers with razor-textured ends and long side bangs.

Crimped Hair

Crimping is a zigzag pattern that is embedded into the hair with the help of a creviced hair iron. Crimped hair was in style long before the 1990s. In fact, the trend arose during the 1970s when Barbara Streisand's hairstylist created the crimping iron. To create the crimped look, blow dry your hair straight to create an even base for the crimps. Next, grab a 1-inch section of hair and place it in the iron for up to 20 seconds. Repeat throughout the head, then lightly mist with hairspray for a lasting look.

Asymmetrial Bob

Most hairstyles that stole the limelight in the '90s required a voluminous mane. While the sleek lines of the bob are anything but voluminous, the hairstyle made a huge resurrection in the '90s. Though the bob has been around since the 1920s, it came into the '90s with an undeniable rough '80s punk influence. To get the look, ask your hairstylist for a graduated asymmetrical chin-length bob with side-swept bangs. If you really want to inject a kick of the '90s into your new 'do, consider throwing in a chunky streak or two.

Spiral Curls

The spiral perm was a big hit in the '90s. Women who loved wearing curls every day but didn't have the time or patience to curl the hair each morning turned to perms to create varying sizes of curls, from loose waves to spiral ringlets. Hairstylists used perm rods, which are much like thin rollers, and an alkaline-based chemical treatment to create a permanent wave in the hair. Contrary to common belief, a perm doesn't set curls in the hair for a lifetime. A perm typically lasts less than three months; as the perm fades, the curls become softer.

Pixie Cut

The pixie haircut was popularized in the 1990s by screen stars Winona Ryder and Halle Berry. A pixie cut is a short wispy haircut that typically ends above the ears. Not all women can pull off the pixie cut: Petite women with strong, angular facial features look best in it because the scarcity of hair allows their tiny frames and gorgeous facial structure to shine. These feminine features likely would be downplayed by longer haircuts.

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