Woman looking toward her hair line

Several available procedures are available that can change a person's hairline. You can extend, decrease or reshape your hairline. Some are permanent and others are temporary. The most appropriate method depends on what look you are trying to achieve and how much money you want to spend.

Receding Hairline

Receding hairlines can be treated using a procedure called a follicular unit hair transplant. A follicular unit hair transplant is a performed by a medical professional. During the transplant procedure, hair follicles are harvested from the head or body and then transplanted intact to the receded hairline. The transplanted hair follicles are functional and grow hair in the previously receded area. Follicular unit hair transplants produce natural looking hair growth results.

Change Hairline Shape

Laser hair removal, performed by a licensed medical professional, removes hair to reshape the hairline. A beam of light is transmitted through the skin to the hair follicle, where heat from the light destroys the hair follicle. Usually, multiple sessions are required for permanent hair removal, depending on your hair texture. A consultation with a laser hair removal specialist will give you an idea of how many treatments you will need. Before undergoing laser hair removal, it is important to communicate clearly with the medical professional performing the procedure, exactly how you want your new hairline to look so that you are happy with the results.


Waxing and threading (a process where hair is grasped using a thread and pulled from the skin) temporarily remove hair by the root. As a result, the area looks smoother. There is no shadow of hair underneath the skin, like there often is with shaving. Depending on your rate of hair growth, waxing and threading need to be repeated every one week to every three weeks.


Hairline electrolysis is another procedure used to remove hair and reshape the hairline. Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal method, yet it is a relatively painful and time-consuming method. The procedure is performed by an electrologist, which is a person who is certified to perform electrolysis procedures. During an electrolysis session, a thin needle is inserted into the opening of the hair follicle. The thin needle passes an electrical current to the hair follicle and destroys it. Because electrolysis works by destroying one hair follicle at a time, it takes many hours to change the shape of a hairline. Depending on the amount of hair removal that is required, a person may require 10, 100 or more electrolysis sessions. Each electrolysis session typically takes 15 minutes to one hour. Some electrologists apply a topical numbing agent to the skin prior to electrolysis treatment to minimize pain.