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Pasties are decorative nipple covering with a variety of functions. Popularized in burlesque shows, these tiny little fashion statements have found multiple uses in the world of style. Pasties can be worn alone, used to smooth nipples under tight fitting dresses or used to keep oddly shaped dresses in place. Some pasties are meant for one use only, while some can be worn multiple times. Regardless, for best results care for your pasties and the skin they cover.

Clean nipples thoroughly. Make sure that nipples and the surrounding skin are dry and free from oils and lotions. Alcohol wipes are a good way to clean nipples prior to attaching pasties.

Peel of the back of the pasties to reveal a stick side. Each set of pasties are designed like a kind of stickers for nipples. Peel of the protective layer to access the sticky side of the pasties.

Position pasties to cover entire nipple. Make sure nipple is erect to keep pasties from wrinkling later. Stick the underside of the pastie on first, pressing upward. Press lightly on the entire pastie to ensure total attachment. Pasties should stay in place for between four to eight hours, depending on the quality (and price) of the item.

Peel pasties gently off of breast after use. Clean nipple thoroughly to remove stickiness and residue. Pastie glue is necessary to wear the same pair of pasties numerous times.

Lay pasties face down to reuse. Make sure the formerly sticky side is facing upward. Apply pasties glue to the shape of the pastie. Allow glue to lightly dry for ten to fifteen seconds. Attach to nipple as before, holding with even pressure for twenty seconds.

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