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If you think Head and Shoulders is only for dandruff, think again. The shampoo can be used to help with many other everyday problems, from treating pesky pimples to keeping your canine clean. Flakes or no flakes, keep a bottle of it on hand for your next beauty SOS.

Pampering Pups

Anti-dandruff shampoos can be used to treat dogs with dandruff problems or to keep the condition at bay. According to experts, eight times out of 10 there won’t be an issue with canines and humans sharing shampoos. If your pup is allergic to some of the ingredients in the shampoos; however, he could develop rashes, swollen skin, or, in extremely rare cases, breathing problems.

Zapping Acne

The zinc pyrithione in Head and Shoulders shampoo can also help to fight acne. In addition to killing the fungus responsible for dandruff, zinc pyrithione also kills the the bacteria -- or p. acnes -- responsible for pimples. You can use the shampoo as a face wash or a body wash to treat breakouts. Simply massage it on any areas that have acne on your body or face; let the product sit for a few minutes before rinsing it off.

Undoing a Dye Job

If your dye job went wrong and you want to fade your hair color, there’s hope. Simply mix an at-home recipe of 20 tablets Vitamin C, a squirt of Head and Shoulders shampoo and a bit of dish soap, and stir it until it’s light and frothy. Apply the mixture to clean, damp, towel dried hair, coating every strand from root to tip. Let it sit for 2 hours under a hair cap and rinse. Repeat the process over the next few days until you have the color you want.

Treating Rosacea

The zinc pyrithione in dandruff shampoo has been shown to be very helpful in treating skin conditions such as rosacea. While the precise cause of rosacea -- characterized by redness and skin inflammation -- is not fully known, the same properties that kill fungal seborrheic dermatitis may also treat rosacea. For best results, use Head and Shoulders shampoo to wash the affected area every few days; be sure to check with your doctor or dermatologist before beginning this treatment.