My Keurig Won't Prime

By JaimeR

Keurigs are coffeemakers that quickly brew single cups of coffee and other hot beverages. Keurigs use a distinctive single-use brewing unit called the K-Cup, a plastic cup filled with grounds, tea or hot chocolate mix. The K-Cup system is designed to be more convenient than the traditional method of brewing coffee, eliminating grinding, measuring and filtering. The disposable cups greatly reduce cleanup time.

credit: Mark May
A Keurig makes single cups of coffee.

The first time you set up your coffeemaker, you will need to prime it. This cleans the machine and prepares it for use.

Normal Priming Instructions

Step 1

Rinse the Keurig water reservoir before first use. Fill the reservoir with cold water and return it to the machine. It will lock into place when positioned properly.

Step 2

Place a cup under the water reservoir. This will catch the hot water that cleans the machine.

Step 3

Turn on the Keurig by pressing the power button. The LCD screen will light up, and a blue light underneath the water reservoir will turn on.

Step 4

Press the flashing blue button. The LCD screen will display a message reading "Prime."

Step 5

Wait as the machine heats up. Within three minutes, the Keurig will pour hot water into your waiting cup. After this cycle is complete, the Keurig is now primed and ready for use.

Troubleshooting Priming Issues

Step 1

Check to make sure you have an empty cup placed to catch the hot water. Some models have a sensor to prevent the machine from pouring water when there is no cup.

Step 2

Ensure that you have filled the water tank and that it is properly situated in the machine.

Step 3

Check that the machine is plugged in. If you still experience problems, you may have an issue with your machine. Contact Keurig for product support.