What material is both soft and light enough to keep your baby's bottom dry and still heavy enough to protect you from a hostile climate? The answer is synthetic micro and polar fleeces. These man-made materials can be applied to a variety of situations.


Microfleece and polar fleece are types of synthetic fleeces comprised of polyester. These fleeces are constructed by a twisted fiber yarn that is woven into fabric that is then brushed to create the texture associated with fleece.


The unique design of these fabrics wicks away moisture from the body by creating tiny air pockets. These air pockets make the material not only soft but also breathable. Both of these synthetic fleeces have the added bonus of being machine washable.


Polar fleece began as a product name of the Malden Mills company in 1979 and has now become a term used to describe a type of synthetic fleece. The main difference between polar fleece and micofleece is that microfleece is typically thinner material than its thicker polar cousin.