man with hands on his chest

The most common reasons males seek breast enlargement are career related (female impersonator, performer), and as a part of gender reassignment therapy. There are a variety of male breast enlargement methods to consider before making what can be a semi-permanent life choice. The most effective methods include implants, hormone therapy and prosthetic breasts.

Surgical Methods

A widely used method for semi-permanat male breast enlargement is surgical implants. Implants come in different sizes and textures, and are frequently filled with saline or silicone. The surgery can last anywhere from two to four hours and recovery time is 10 days to two weeks, if there are no complications.

Hormonal Methods

Another method for male breast enhancement is using the hormone estrogen in pill or injection form. Estrogen pills such as Premarin and Cenestin can put stress on the liver and cause damage resulting in side effects such as numbness, chest pain and jaundice.

Estrogen injections include estradiol valerate (Delestrogen) and estradiol cypionate (Depo-Estradiol)and are only legally available and administered by a doctor. Injections are done on a bi-weekly basis and one vial can last up to six months.

Prosthetic Breasts

Prosthetic breasts can be worn under the clothing to give the illusion of larger breasts. Examples are bras with various kinds of padding (fabric, silicone, water, gel), push-up bras or bra forms.

Other Methods

Less effective methods or methods that only produce minimal or temporary enlargement include pumps, herbs, creams and hypnosis,

Some non-conventional methods include: breast slapping, a practice supported by the Thai government as an alternative to breast augmentation, which consists of an aggressive kneading action designed to physically transfer fat from the surrounding tissue to the breasts; laser treatments that target and destroy older breast tissue, which then generates new cellular reproduction giving the appearance of fuller breasts; and electro-stimulation, in which the breasts are stimulated using galvanic electric currents to increase size through collagen production and increased tissue elasticity. Electro-stimulation is a controversial procedure, and has little evidence to support its effectiveness.

Consult with a physician for recommendations before beginning any breast enlargement regimen to avoid undesirable outcomes and physical harm.