Instructions for a Layered Bob Haircut

By Jackie Castle

The bob haircut is a timeless style. By adding layering, this classic haircut can be turned into something trendy and unique. The layered bob is versatile and can be worn curly, straight or with spiky waves.

Layering a bob updates a classic style into something trendy.

Step 1

Wet hair and divide into four sections. First, part the hair from forehead to the nape of the neck, then part from the top of the head down to the top of each ear. Leave 1 to 1 1/2 inches of hair hanging down along the sides and back, secure remaining hair sections with butterfly clips.

Step 2

Cut a straight line along the back at the base of the neck. Move to front sides, slanting downward about a half inch so the front is longer than the back. Continue letting down hair until all is cut into a basic bob style.

Step 3

Part hair down the middle once again. Using the occipital bone as a guide, part hair horizontally from the center of the crown to the top of each ear. Comb forward. Secure with clips if needed. Leave hair along nape region down.

Step 4

From the center of the nape, hold an inch section of hair out vertically cut at a 45-degree angle. Work to one side, following the guideline of the first cut, then cut to the other side.

Step 5

Let down an inch from both sections along the crown. Holding hair straight out horizontally at a 95-degree angle from the head, cut following the guideline already established.

Step 6

Continue bringing inch-width sections down at a time, follow the same line as before. Cut from center back to sides, angling downward on the sides to blend sides to the front point.

Step 7

Check that sides are even and that there are no stray strands.

Step 8

Add mousse or gel, blow dry and style.