Instructions for a Dippin Dots Maker

By Elyse James

The Dippin Dots Maker is a device designed to produce the popular ice cream treat known as Dippin Dots. Using this device, kids and parents alike can create small, edible dots with the press of a button. The Dippin Dots Maker comes equipped with all the trays and equipment necessary to make your own Dippin Dots. Use the premade Dippin Dots mix or your favorite drink mix to make your Dots in minutes.

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Step 1

Open the Dippin Dots mix and put it into one of the colored containers. Align the container so it is over the central reservoir. You can put a different flavor in each of the containers.

Step 2

Press the button on the side of the mixture's container to release the mixture into the central reservoir. Then press the button on the side of the reservoir to release the mixture into the trays.

Step 3

Fill up all the trays and then stack them on top of one another.

Step 4

Place the trays in the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes until the dots have frozen.