Instructions for a Betty Crocker Espresso Maker

By LeafTV Editor

You don't have to spend a lot of money every day on getting your latte. A Betty Crocker home espresso machine will provide you with the ability of preparing quality espresso beverages such as mochas, cappuccinos and espresso con panas. Using a Betty Crocker espresso machine may seem intimidating at first glance, but with a few basic instructions, you'll be able to develop your barista skills in no time. Like anything else, practice makes perfect so take some time and practice using your Betty Crocker espresso machine until you feel confident.

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Instructions For A Betty Crocker Espresso Maker


Learn the Parts

Learn the various parts of the Betty Crocker espresso machine. Locate the main compartment in the front of the machine that holds the ground espresso. It is silver and has a handle sticking out in front of the machine. This is called the portafilter. The portafilter is the main brewing area of the espresso. Remove it from the body of the espresso machine by pulling the lever to the right. Take a look inside and then practice replacing it by aligning the handle with the middle of the machine and pulling to the left to lock it in place. Locate the steam wand and the steam wand controller which are to the right of the portafilter. Find the water basin which is located on the top of the machine, just like a drip coffee maker. Open the lid to see where you place the water.

Pour a Shot

Fill the water basin of the Betty Crocker espresso machine with filtered, room temperature water to the fill line. Remove the portafilter and fill it to the brim of the filter. Use the tamper to press the ground espresso tightly into the filter. The goal is to reduce the room in the portafilter by half after pressing it. Place the portafilter back on the machine. Place your shot glass under the portafilter to catch the espresso. Turn the machine to the on position and in a matter of seconds you'll have fresh-brewed espresso.

Froth the Milk

Use the carafe that came with the machine. Fill it with cold milk to the lower end of the lip of the carafe. Ensure your water basin is filled with water before steaming. Pull the steam wand outward and insert it into the cold milk. Slowly turn the steam wand controller on and allow the air to enter the milk. Slowly pull the carafe downward to allow some of the steam to scratch the surface of the milk for five seconds. Submerge the wand in the milk again until it is too hot to touch. Turn the wand off and remove the steam wand from the milk. Wipe the steam wand off with a damp towel and blow steam out from the wand to clear the holes.