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Hot, frothy coffees are delicious, visually appealing beverages with which to begin your morning. Frothy coffees are ones with frothed milk on the top, giving them a foamy appearance. While milk frothers and fancy coffee machines are available for sale, they require investing a considerable amount of money and counter space. Making a frothy milk topping for your coffee at home is simple and inexpensive -- and it requires no special equipment.

Prepare drip or instant coffee according to directions.

Fill the jar with the amount of milk you normally put in your coffee. The jar should not be more than halfway full.

Screw the lid on the jar and vigorously shake it for approximately 30 seconds, until the milk has increased in volume and appears frothy.

Remove the lid and microwave the jar for 30 seconds. The heat works to stabilize the milk as the foam rises.

Using a spoon to restrain the foam, pour the hot milk into the prepared coffee. Spoon the remaining foam onto the top of the coffee.


An easy method to combine the preparation of the coffee and the frothy milk is to combine milk, sugar, instant coffee and hot water in a mixer. The result is a fast, easy frothy coffee.


Be cautious when handling the jar as the microwaved milk can be extremely hot.