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The sun is the primary producer of infrared energy, which converts into heat upon contact with exposed surfaces. Infrared massage devices use a combination of energy and pressure to stimulate cell and tissue processes.

Improves Blood Circulation

Infrared massage breaks up tension within muscle tissue. Relaxed muscle tissue enhances blood circulation by relieving the pressure that surrounds blood passageways. The infrared massage device delivers infrared energy, or heat, into cells and tissues and that heat energy enhances the massage effect by warming muscle tissues. Increased blood circulation within an area enables cells and tissues to receive needed oxygen and nutrients for healthy function.

Heals Tissue

As stress and tension typically constrict normal physiological processes, the effects of infrared massage activate the body’s natural healing abilities. According to Creighton University, infrared waves can penetrate as far as 1 to 3 inches beneath the skin’s surface. Once this energy comes into contact with cell structures, a thermal effect occurs, causing a resonant absorption effect within the cells. Cell fluids begin to vibrate as a result of the infrared energy being absorbed. These effects stimulate nutrient metabolism, repair processes and elimination of toxic materials. Affected areas of the body begin to heal with improved circulation levels and cell metabolism processes.

Reduces Pain

Pain symptoms are often the result of inflammation within an area of the body. Inflammation acts as an immune system response that’s designed to protect a weakened area. In some cases, inflammation and pain can prevent cellular repair processes from taking place due to reduced circulation to the affected area. Infrared energy reduces inflammation and eliminates pain symptoms, according to Lazrpulsr Systems. When absorbed, infrared energy blocks the signals that stimulate nerve endings and cause pain sensations. Inflammation decreases and needed oxygen and nutrients can reach the affected area. In the process, infrared energy absorbed into cell structures promotes increased cell activity and restores cell repair functions.

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