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Everyone enjoys having a massage, with the relaxation and tension relief it brings. The Patient Education Institute defines massage therapy as "the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, including the skin, tendons, muscles and connective tissue by a professional, for relaxation or to enhance the body's own healing capability." They expand that this is done through the process of "applying pressure to the body." Even if you are only having a massage to relax, it will have unexpected health benefits, including taking toxins out of your body.


The Patient Education Institute explains that researchers have found evidence that massage helps people on psychological, physical and physiological levels. Massage releases toxins from your body tissues and muscles, through your blood and through the lymphatic system. After a massage, most massage therapists will advise you to drink plenty of water in order to help take the released toxins out of your body.


There are a number of ways massage releases toxins from your system. Massage causes chemicals to be released within the body, which bring toxins out of your muscles. Massage has also been found to help the substance lymph move around, which assists in getting rid of toxins from tissues in your body. Nerys Purchon, author of "The Essential Natural Health Bible," explains that massage helps your body rid itself of waste and toxic substances by assisting your blood to move throughout your body. The University of Maryland Medical Center, or UMMC, elaborates on toxin release process, explaining that electrical signals in the body go to the area being massaged and all around the body, during a soft tissue massage. This helps release toxins through the lymphatic system, while providing other health benefits as well.

Massage Oils

Purchon advocates the use of essential oils, or healing essences extracted from plants, combined with massage. She says massage is a perfect time to use oils to utilize their healing benefits. To increase the release of toxins during a massage, try essential oils of angelica, grapefruit, juniper or fennel, diluted in a carrier oil such as grapeseed oil or jojoba oil. Consult with a certified aromatherapist for the correct use of essential oils.


If you are looking for a massage, there are many types to choose from. Some that specifically aid with the release of toxins are lymphatic massage, aromatherapy massage and Swedish massage. The UMMC says that lymphatic massage is a specific type that causes lymph to flow better. The Center elaborates that aromatherapy massage is another type that can release toxins. Swedish massage, one of the most relaxing types, increases blood flow and takes toxins from your tissues, according to the Center. There are many other varieties of massage, and some of them may release toxins as well.


The Patient Education Institute warns that although massage is usually a safe healing and calming treatment, there can be negative consequences to it, especially if you have a health concern. For instance, they explain that massage could worsen ostseoporosis, blood vessel or cardiovascular diseases, fever, a vein clot or open skin. They also advise caution for pregnant women interested in massage. Discuss massage with your physician if you have a health concern.