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Infrared rays are invisible waves of energy that penetrate deep into the inner tissues, muscles and bones of the body, reports the Online Global Healing Center. The energy from these waves slightly elevates the surface temperature of your body. Other than the benefits of soothing relaxation, massage combined with infrared heat therapy may offer many other healthful benefits.

Relax Tight Muscles health experts state that massage is an effective form of therapy for stress relief and for relaxing stiff muscles. Infrared massage beds use heated jade stone rollers that massage from your neck down to the base of your spine, targeting and relaxing key muscle groups in your back. A second set of rollers that are unheated massage from your lower back down to your ankles to soothe and relax the muscles in your legs. With a hand-held massager, you can focus on any area of your body that feels tense using the device to knead and relax specific muscles.

Improve Circulation

According to a study published in the January 2007 issue of the "Journal of the American Society of Nephrology" use of infrared therapy may be an effective form of therapy to increase blood flow. The CNN Health website also lists improved circulation and blood flow as one of the possible benefits of massage therapy. Infrared massage combines both the heat from the rays and manipulation of the body, which may be beneficial for circulation issues.

Pain Relief and Beneficial Side Effects

"Arthritis Today" lists heat therapy as one of the most effective pain relief treatments for stiff joints and inflammation. The deep penetrating warmth of infrared massage stimulates blood flow which can help reduce arthritis pain. As with hands-on massage, infrared massage may also have many healthful side effects. Management of depression and anxiety, improved blood pressure, enhanced immune system, relief from the painful side effects of cancer, healing of sports injuries are all on the list of possible benefits cited by CNN Health.