Ideas for Fashion Show Scenes

By Stephanie Kelley

Fashion shows provide a venue for designers to debut their newest designs and guests to learn about the newest and hottest fashion trends. Design a scene for a backdrop of a fashion show. Scenes create a canvas to help the clothing stand-out and to put the entire show into a thematic context. Implement innovative ideas for fashion show scenes to turn an ordinary show into an extraordinary event.

Use creative ideas to transform a fashion show set.

Video Screens

Use large video screens to set the scene at a fashion show. Place one large screen on each side of the catwalk. Show close-up views of the models and fashions as well as clips of the designers discussing their works. Also use a wall of screens behind the models as they walk down the catwalk. Play abstract images and solid-colored backgrounds on the screens. Change the screen images in keeping with the music and with the fashions being displayed. Video screens can create any type of scene by displaying different images from a beach scene to an image of outer space.

City Scene

Create a city scene for a fashion show by using simple and readily available materials. Hang a white piece of fabric or screen on the back of the catwalk. Cut a cityscape scene out of cardboard to place behind the screen. Use a light, such as a projector, to shine light against the city scape and project a shadow against the white screen. Decorate the runway with city street signs or traffic lights.

Black Light Scene

Create a white scene for a fashion show and use black lights to illuminate the scene. Paint barren or silk trees with white paint. Cut a crescent moon and star shapes out of white foam board and suspend them from a ceiling. Hang white tulle at the back of the runway. Shine black lights on the various white items. Use spotlights, can lights and other black lights to create the desired effect.

Other Fashion Show Scene Ideas

Create practically any scene for a fashion show using a large piece of canvas as a backdrop to paint on and some simple props. Paint a water scene on the screen and add some faux palm trees to the runway to create a tropical scene. Create an artistic scene by splattering paint on a canvas screen and hanging empty gold frames from the ceiling around the runway.