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Whether you wish to preserve a beauty shop creation, keep your hair off of your body or simply want to protect your hair, wrapping your hair in a head scarf at night is the solution. Head scarves take less than a minute to wrap and allow you to sleep comfortably while protecting your hair. Additionally, they protect your face by providing a shield from hair oils or products that might cause skin irritation and breakouts.

Single Tie Method

Fold the scarf in half horizontally. Holding each end of the folded scarf, bring it around to the back of your head.

Pull the scarf flat around your head so that it covers the back and sides of your hair.

Gather together the material you are holding. Pull it up to the top of your hairline. Tie the scarf at the top of your hairline.

Double Knot Method

Hold one corner of the scarf in each hand. Drape the scarf over your head so that the two corners you were holding hang near your shoulders and the back corners hang over your neck and back. Position the scarf so that it extends slightly over the hairline onto the forehead.

Grab the two corners hanging near your shoulders. Bring the corners around behind your neck. Tie the corners at the nape of your neck. Tuck the scarf behind your ears.

Grab the two back corners of the scarf in each hand. Bring the corners around your head and to the front. Tie the corners at the top of your head around the hairline.


Satin or silk are the best head scarf materials. They do not cause friction that can harm the hair ends and do not pull moisture from the hair.