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Keeping hair straight, whether relaxed or pressed, is a common challenge for some black women. When cut into a shorter, feathered bob style, hair especially needs to be curl free to look its best. One way to help is to wrap the bob at night before bed. Once wrapped -- brushed around the head, which serves as a giant roller -- it is tied with a silky covering to protect the hair from snagging or drying out from contact with the pillowcase. This will preserve the straightness of the bob and also maintain the curved shape of the feathered sections.

Dry Wrap

Start with clean hair. Apply oil to your ends if desired. Comb through your hair to remove any tangles.

Part your hair vertically with your comb. Some people part their hair in front, and others do it in the back. It's a matter of preference; part your bob wherever you like.

Brush your hair in a single direction around your head. It is easiest to do this section by section to ensure you brush all of your hair smoothly and as flat against your head as possible. You can brush your hair either clockwise or counterclockwise, but you have to brush in one direction only to achieve a wrap.

Tie your wrap securely to your head. Fold your scarf into a rectangle and place the widest side against your forehead. Bring the sides around and tie over the point hanging down the back of your head.

Wet Wrap

Start with clean, wet hair. Apply oil if desired. Comb through to remove any tangles.

Blow dry your hair smoothly around your head in one direction. Follow up with your brush in the same direction once your hair is completely dry.

Tie securely with a silk scarf.

Doobie Wrap

Start with clean, damp hair. Apply oil if desired.

Set your hair in sections on large rollers. The idea is not to curl your hair, but to give it extra body and lift. Comb through each section to remove tangles before rolling.

Allow hair to dry. You can sit under a hooded dryer or let your hair air dry if you have the time.

Remove rollers and brush hair down around your head.

Part hair vertically where desired, then brush hair around your head in a single direction. Tie securely with a silk scarf.

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