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Luster's S-Curl is a curling cream that can be applied to black hair to give a "wave" effect. S-Curl can be used by men or women, but it is unlike most creams in that it's designed with male scalps and styling techniques in mind. There are several steps that can help you get the most from using S-Curl.

When to Use S-Curl

S-Curl works best if applied to hair that is not too short. Regular length men's hair is perfect; a crew or crop-cut will not curl effectively. S-Curl comes in regular and maximum strengths. Start with regular, and if you're not satisfied step up to maximum.

Applying S-Curl

Apply S-Curl when your curly hair is dry. You can apply S-Curl with your hands, massaging throughout the areas to be curled. Alternatively, you can wipe it on with the back of a comb and then comb through the hair. Apply liberally to your hair and towel off where the cream has come into contact with your neck or ears.

Getting an Even Curl

Work S-Curl through your hair until it sits in a curled S-pattern. If your hair won't display this pattern, just comb through, checking to see that S-Curl has been worked into all the hair. You may notice that one side of your hair curls more easily than the other; as you comb the cream through your hair, make sure this side gets special attention. Check to see that your hair has a wave pattern right down to the root.

Removing S-Curl

S-Curl should not be left in for more than 15 minutes. After this time, rinse the cream out: Simply place your hair under a flow of warm water; don't massage the hair at this stage. When the hair has been rinsed, apply neutralizer shampoo. Rinse and repeat the neutralizer shampoo until the runoff contains no color.

Activating and Moisturizing

Once hair has been washed and toweled off, spray a liberal amount of activator onto your hands and work through the hair, styling as you go. For a firmer curl, use more than one application of activator, waiting until the first coat has almost dried before re-applying. It's also a good idea to apply a light, nonpetroleum moisturizer to your scalp and hair, to compensate for the chemicals used in S-Curl.