How to weave hair

By LeafTV Editor

Weaving hair can open a door to a dozen different hair styles once you learn how. And it’s really easy. A bit of practice and you’ll have it perfected in no time at all. Practicing on someone with long hair makes it easier to learn as you can see what you’re doing. And once you’ve got it mastered, you can do your own hair.

Step 1

Take a section of hair about two or so inches wide and divide it into three equal sized strands.

Step 2

Hold the left strand inside the left hand, the middle strand between the thumb and forefinger of the left hand, and the right strand in the right hand.

Step 3

With the right hand, take the right strand OVER to the left hand and take it by holding it under the middle left finger.

Step 4

Now take the left strand that is being held by the left thumb and finger and hold it in your right hand.

Step 5

Now take the left strand and wrap it OVER what is now the middle strand.

Step 6

Now you will have two strands in your right hand and one in your left hand. Repeat the above steps only this time you’ll have two right strands to do. When you’ve done them, you’ll be back to having two strands in your left hand.

Step 7

When you are finished a braid that you want to keep in your hair, you will want to secure it with an elastic and you can cover that with a ribbon, bow or clip to hide the elastic.

Step 8

Start at the top, middle of the head and work down to the nape of the neck.

Step 9

Follow the weaving method above only this time, when you are about to carry a strand of hair over to the other side, thicken the strand by adding another strand of hair that is loose on the head below it.

Step 10

To add more strands to the one in your hand, you will need to take your baby finger of each hand and begin at the face and go along the head to where you are working so that the strand you’re adding begins at the side of the face and ends where the braid is. (you're collecting the hair across instead of down).

Step 11

Repeat this pattern one side at a time until every hair is included in the one braid.

Step 12

Secure the weave with an elastic so that it doesn’t come loose, and then decorate it with a ribbon or bow.