How to Wear Purple

By LeafTV Editor

How to Wear Purple. Purple is a favorite color for many women. It looks flattering on any complexion, from light skin and blonde hair to dark black skin and hair. The color is feminine and classy. Too much purple in an outfit can mean trouble, however. Follow the tips below for wearing purple.

Step 1

Wear a purple camisole or blouse under an office suit. Look conservative and sexy at the same time by wearing a purple of any shade, from lilac to a deep reddish-purple with a black, gray or charcoal suit. Pairing a feminine top under a tailored suit is a nice subtle contrast.

Step 2

Pair purple with brown. Too much purple can be an overbold statement. Tone purple down and look classy and sophisticated pairing it with brown. Wear a purple sweater with brown slacks or a purple turtleneck under a brown blazer.

Step 3

Use purple very subtly by wearing purple accessories. Carry a purple handbag or a purple pair of shoes with a monochromatic, neutral outfit. This can be black, gray, white or tans. Embellish an outfit with purple jewelry or a scarf.

Step 4

Use makeup in purple shades to bring out your romantic side. Use plum or taupe shades of eye shadow. Use purplish-rosy shades of lipstick and lip gloss. Go very bold, and try purple shade eyeliner blended with shadow for smoky eyes, but reserve this for nights out on the town only.

Step 5

Keep accessories subtle when dressing in a purple outfit. If wearing a purple dress, wear it with black jewelry and shoes, or something as bold as the purple like leopard print pumps. Do not go head-to-toe purple.