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Gray hair has a certain stigma. One that makes many women panic at the sight of their first few gray hairs. Luckily, there's a trend these days among women who choose to embrace their grays and give up dying their hair for good. So to optimize the look of gray hair, it's best to wear makeup that plays up your favorite features. The secret is to enhance what you have, not cover it up with heavy makeup.

Apply an under eye dark circle concealer with a yellow base to cover up the bluish-grey area.

Skin pigment changes naturally when hair turns gray, so apply a foundation or tinted moisturizer that complements your skin's tone and condition. Use light and clean makeup with a moisturizer built in, or use a moisturizer before applying your makeup.

Use eyeliner to add definition to eyes. Draw the liner upward at the very corner of the eye for an extra lift. Use a brown or soft black color, avoiding gray which can appear blue against gray hair.

Choose eyeshadow shades made for your complexion -- lighter neutrals like pale pink for light skin and taupe for darker skin. Avoid eyeshadow with glitter or shimmer, and make sure the chosen shadow is not too dry.

Curl your eyelashes to make your eyes appear brighter. Apply a mascara that adds extra length, a volumizing mascara or one that curls the lashes.

Apply a cream blush to the outer apples of cheeks. Use pastel blush or a blush with a rose tone to add just the right amount of brightness. Brush the blush onto the apple of the cheeks, moving outward to just before the hairline.

Apply lip balm before using lipstick to avoid drying. Use red lipstick to complement skin tone and gray hair, choosing the color based on whether your skin has yellow or blue undertones.

Define eyebrows with a brow pencil that is one shade lighter than the natural color of the brows. Use light strokes, fanning in the opposite direction of brow growth. Use clear brow gel to keep brows in place.


Visit a makeup counter or salon to get professional tips on color and application for women with gray hair. Revamp your makeup collection, adding new shades to complement your new look and tossing ones that no longer work.


Avoid products that dry out skin. Moisture is the key to younger looking skin.