How to Wear Makeup Like Pamela Anderson

By Jacqueline Basdeo

Pamela Anderson's makeup look is hyper feminine. The eyebrows are thin, the lips pouty and the face is matte, devoid of shine. You can achieve a similar look by employing specific makeup techniques.

Of late, the Canadian- born Anderson, originally of Baywatch and Home Improvement television fame, wears a more subtle and natural makeup look.

Distinctive Pamela Anderson Looks

Anderson makes the most of her natural beauty. She emphasizes her eyes, her brows and her lips. By applying makeup with varying degrees of intensity, she achieves a fresh, yet sexy look.

Smoldering Eyes

Before you begin your makeup application, gather your tools:

  • A deep eye shadow color like charcoal, deep purple or navy blue.
  • A lighter, overall eye shadow in eggshell, champagne or apricot shade.
  • Eyelash curler.
  • Eyeliner.

First, if you are using an all-over base eye shadow, apply it to your entire lid. If not, use an eye shadow primer instead, and apply that to the entire lid.

Second, apply your eyeliner. Rim both the top and bottom lid, keeping close to the lash line. If your eyes can handle it, feel free to rim the inner corners of the eyes and your waterline.

Third, apply the deepest eye shadow color to the lower lid. Stand back and take a look at your work. If you need to smoke out the eyes, use a Q-tip, an eyeliner brush, or similar makeup tool to draw the eye pigment out and up. This depends on your preference; you can also leave the eye with a slightly rounded look.

If you're using a shimmer shadow, now is the time to apply it. Place your metallic or shimmer shadow in the crease of the eye. Disguise any obvious lines by using a liner brush or Q-tip to blur the line.

Once your eye makeup is in place, curl your lashes with an eyelash curler, or apply your fake eyelashes. Follow with several coats of mascara.


Anderson's are very thin, obviously drawn and arched with a rounded finish. If you have thick eyebrows or natural eyebrows, but want to follow Anderson's look to the letter, then plucking is in order.

Using a good, sharp pair of tweezers, begin by removing obvious strays. From there, keep going until you have thin brows. If you have never plucked before or if you have coarse hairs, it will pinch. Now that you have the thin brows you need, it's time to fill them in.

Use a brow pencil in a color slightly lighter than your natural hair color. Stay away from true black, match your overall coloring, and opt for light brown, brown, taupe or beige-y reds. Gray pencils are a good option for deep brunettes.

Using a sharp pencil, draw or fill brows in. Don't use a pencil that has too soft a tip -- doing so means that your line will look more natural, and in this instance, you don't want that. Having the thinner eyebrow line means that your eye can hold more eye makeup color.


Once your eyebrows and eye makeup are in balance, you can work on your face.

  • Apply your moisturizer. If you have oily skin, use a mattifying primer to de-slick your pores.
  • Apply foundation, but go easy on the application. Apply coverage just where you need it.
  • Next, go over foundation with a slightly damp makeup sponge. Press into the skin gently. Do this to meld and blend the foundation right into your skin.


Contouring is not necessary, but if you want to, use a bronzer that also has a matte finish. Apply with a bronzer brush only to areas of the face you want to recede, such as the sides of the face, at the height of the cheekbones, the sides of the forehead and the bridge of the nose. Use the bronzer sparingly, otherwise you risk looking clownish.

Flesh Toned Lips

Anderson's voluptuous lips are deeply lined, filled in, and at times, topped with a hint of shimmer.

  • Select a nude or flesh toned lip liner and line your lips.
  • Fill in the lips with a beige, nude or flesh-tone lipstick -- look for lipsticks that actually contain these shades in their names.
  • If you are trying to achieve a shimmery finish, top with a shimmer lipstick. Lipsticks that are slightly iridescent or glossy work best.

Polished and Natural

Of late, Anderson is employing a more natural look. If you would like to as well, then:

  • Fill in the brows. Use a soft tip pencil and draw the brows out in short, feathered strokes. Keep the arch, but the entire brow needs to look more substantial.
  • Skip the heavy eye makeup in favor of apricot shadow applied to the overall lid, a combination of black shadow and eyeliner, and lots of mascara; use an eyelash curler and fake eyelashes to get a wide, doe-eyed effect.
  • You'll need a black liquid eyeliner, not a smudgy eyeliner, for this look.

Keep the lips soft with colors such as colors pink, coral or nude to finish.