How to Wear Makeup for Olive Skin

By LeafTV Editor

If you have olive skin, you should revel in the fact that you are the object of envy for many women, as you generally need to wear less makeup to get a high style look. Your skin naturally glows and rarely requires concealer; however, like all women, matching makeup to skin tone is tricky business. A few tips can help.

  • Mild cleanser
  • Oil-free moisturizer
  • Foundation powder (optional)
  • Neutral colored blush
  • Bronze highlighting powder
  • Large soft blush brush
  • Multiple colors of eyeshadow
  • Dark eyeliner
  • Black mascara
  • Dark lipstick or clear lip gloss

Wear concealer and foundation on olive skin only if you have an acne problem, scars or large pores. Because those with darker skin generally have less of these annoying problems, things are most likely better left alone. However, always wash your skin with a mild cleanser and apply an oil-free sunscreen before you begin your makeup. If you happen to have oily skin, apply a light dusting of powder instead of applying heavy liquid foundations.

Choose a blush that highlights your skin tone, choosing peaches, apricots, tans or even bronze instead of the rosy pinks that are more suitable for pale skin. Don't be afraid to layer the blush with more than one color for a more dynamic look.

Use highlighting powder instead of bronzer which is better applied on pale skin. Select bronze colored highlighting powders, applying to any area of the face which catches light, such as the forehead, nose, cheekbones, chin and even the chest. Apply the powder lightly with a large soft brush, dusting before you apply eye and lip makeup.

Select just about any color of eyeshadow you like, depending on the look you are going for; however, as with blush, olive skin tones should shy away from pinks as they only look artificial on your rich-colored skin. While you can easily wear greens, blues and purples when selecting eyeshadow, stick with darker colors instead of pastels. Additionally, you simply cannot go wrong with metallic silver and gold.

Keep your eyeliner and mascara dark as well. Unless you are going for a while colored look, mascara should always be black. Eyeliner on the other hand can be a great way to spice up your look, choosing dark blues, purples, greens or even charcoal.

Bring pink makeup into your look only for your lips; however, shades should match your natural lip color as much as possible. Wearing bright or pastel pinks is completely off limits for olive skin; however, a nice mauve or deep red is sensual and sexy. For a lighter daytime look, stick with simple, clear lipgloss.