Perfume oil, historically one of our most sought-after commodities, is now a regular household item. Women as well as men boast large collections of fragrances made up of various amounts of fragrance oils. Collections of perfume oil can be exceptionally expensive and rare, so knowing how to wear them properly will maximize their effect, increase their shelf life and give you the biggest return on your investment.

Use the dabber that your perfume oil come with to dot your perfume oil on your pulse points. Popular pulse points are on the side of the neck, in the crook of the elbow, on the back of the knee, at the breast bone (cleavage) and on the inside of the wrist. As the heart beats, these areas are continually warmed, releasing a steady and regular stream of fragrance. Remember just to dab and let the oils absorb into the skin on their own. Never rub them in or rub your wrists together. This will weaken your fragrance.

Use an atomizer or other spray mister to spray a small amount of your fragrance into the air, then walk into it. This will evenly distribute the fragrance on your clothing and hair to give you a more even scent.

Maximize your the effect of your perfume oil by wearing other products of the same scent or with similar notes, like body wash, body splash, lotion and hair products.

Keep your scent going strong by applying a few drops of fragrance oil to a flat cotton pad and hiding the cotton pad on our body, like inside your bra or in the waistband of your panties or hose. This will release scent all day, once the perfume oil on your skin has begun to wear off.

Apply your fragrances 30 minutes before going out to allow all of the elements to develop and all of the notes to mature. After 30 minutes, you perfume oil will have blended with your own body scent, and all of its scent components will have been warmed and at their peak.


Try mixing different perfume oils to get a custom scent.


Never store your perfume oils in direct sunlight or warm places. This causes the fragrance to evaporate.