How to Wear a Trapeze Dress

By LeafTV Editor

How to Wear a Trapeze Dress. Trapeze-style dresses are an interesting silhouette that has come in and out of style for years. The dresses are usually short and have a lot of room in them, hanging loosely around the body. Trapeze-style dresses can be very flattering for some, but very unflattering for others. Follow the tips below for making the right choices when wearing a trapeze dress.

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Step 1

Hide unflattering parts of the body in a trapeze dress. If problem areas include a paunch, a big behind or large hips, try a trapeze dress which will hide all of these. If fit arms or sexy legs are your strong point, look your best in one of these short styles.

Step 2

Be prepared to show skin. While the loose and flowing silhouette of the dress hides much, it also reveals much too. Be prepared to show a lot of leg, arms, shoulders and back. Attention is called mostly to the arms and legs.

Step 3

Show off nice, shapely shoulders with a halter style. Most trapeze dresses this season are seen with a halter-style top anyway. Even more attention will be brought to the arms and back. Wear this style without a necklace.

Step 4

Wear a trapeze dress with pretty, ladylike shoes with heels. Keep the legs bare. Heels will elongate the legs. Feminine details draw more attention downward to the bareness of the legs.

Step 5

Wear a trapeze dress in a dark, solid color. These look best, although petite women can pull of a brighter color or pattern. With this style of a dress, the attention needs to be on the bare parts of the body, not the dress itself. Trapeze dresses have so much volume and material that anything bright or patterned may look like a shapeless, large tent.

Step 6

Try a dress with a bubble hem. This means that the hemline is actually not a hem, but a layer of fabric folded over making two layers. This adds more volume to the dress and may hide problem spots in your figure even better.